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Re: Aruba COTD: 83 JE Irausquin Part 1 of 7

Thanks for posting Michael.
I finally was able to locate this full size advertising brochure.
Lost my original one and was looking for 15 years for another.
Not even the locals who worked there was able to find one for me. But here it is the first two pics.
Can't Remember the deal with that Stellaris Supper Club Menu you have, Very nice by the way. The place was always an all inclusive but on that menu its has a price for the dining option. The only thing I could think of is that they always had shows in the grand ballroom, maybe that was for folks that came in just to dine and see the show that we're not staying there. We hear they are going open back up the Island on July 1st but by only 10%..... I can't imagine how this is going to work when we can hopefully get back there in the fall. There is usually 5 or 6 planes that come in between 11:30 and 5:00 everyday. There can be hundreds of people waiting in line to swipe their passports in customs before grabbing your luggage. It's worse on the way back. We never return on a Saturday it's a madd house at the airport. We did sign up for global entry a couple years ago and that really helps. It saves a lot of time you don't have to wait on line to clear US Customs in Aruba. Just swipe and walk through.
Keep on Chipping Doug

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Aruba COTD: 83 JE Irausquin Part 1 of 7
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Re: Aruba COTD: 83 JE Irausquin Part 1 of 7
Nice chip, Rich!
I Like The Key
Too much for me

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