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Aruba COTD: 83 JE Irausquin Part 1 of 7

On May 5, 1975, the fourth resort opened in Aruba, The Americana! The Americana was built at 83 JE Irausquin Blvd. next to the Aruba Caribbean. The Americana stood for a few decades. The location is the home base of Doug Balduini, who has helped get a lot of good collectibles over the years.

I also have one of the pink variety drilled to be a keychain:

I also have one with white inserts. It is the only one known with white inserts. It has been suggested that the coin center was taken out of another chip and placed into this plastic outer ring. I can't say for sure, but close up scans show no signs of any tampering. I got it very cheaply with some other chips. It had some gunk on it that slightly stained it, and the price was very low, so I don't believe it was created to make money. Sadly, I have not been able to contact Ralph Pollack about it to get his opinion.

You will note that these two look very much like Aruba Caribbean chips from around the same time. There could have been a connection with the management companies. I am not sure.

The last two were used by the Occidental later on as match play chips.

Bill Borland made a curious $100 chip using the Americana stamp:

It's purpose is unknown.

Here are some borrowed images:


Michael Siskin

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Aruba COTD: 83 JE Irausquin Part 1 of 7
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