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Treasure Island Roulette - A Couple Questions.....

............and a Couple Answers.

Doug B. - Asked about the condition of the Bud Jones 8 Suits Roulette chips from T.I. Are there any "undamaged" Roulettes from this Series ??

It is true that 95% of these chips are damaged - most severely damaged by the Auto-sort Roulette machines that they used to "Muck" the chips. The Bud Jones Plastic 8 Suits chips were not made to be sent thru the auto-sort machines and the machines literally "Chewed them up and Spit them out"
However there are a few of these 8 Suit chips that exist in "Near New" condition. See the scan below of 3 examples I have in my collection. Trying to find quality examples of these chips is very difficult but I am sure if you look long enough and hard enough you might find a few like I did over the years.

My question about these 8 Suit Roulette chips - Does anyone have a Roulette chip from Table "E" ??

I have about 2 dozen of these chips from various Tables - A, B, C, D, F, G and H - but no "E" chips. I am not sure if Table E was in a High Roller pit or was never in use ?? If anyone has any info on the existence of the "E" chips - please LMK.

Take care,
"Mr. Roulette"

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Treasure Island Roulette - A Couple Questions.....
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