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Proposed Chip Guide Upgrade

While the following suggestion only refers to Canada, I am sure that there are other areas that people collect that this might apply to as well.

Like most collectors, when I am sorting chips to figure out if I need them in my collection or to offer them for sale, when ever possible, I try to sort them by areas to make checking on the in the guide that much easier.

When it comes to items from Canada, though, there is a slight bit of a problem.

Once you select a Province and then a Casino (take Northern Lights Casino in Saskatchewan as an example (

You will note right below the casino information there is a link that will take you back to the province. But there is NO link that takes you back to Canada if you wish to select a different province then the one that you are currently in. While you can still get to where you want to go, that in itself takes more then a single click to go from where you are at to where you wish to go next.

What I propose is to ADD a link, either above or below the province link that would take you back to Canada itself, saving you several clicks to get there.

It may be more trouble then it is worth, programming wise, but it sure would be nice to have.

Your input is more then welcomed.

John K. Kallman
LM 112-112

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