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Yes, some value...
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In the beginning, these chips were sold at the several Paulson retail stores around the US. They sold for around 67 cents each, as home gaming chips, in the tens of thousands (if not 100's of thousands) in many different denominations.

Individually, it is not unusual for them to sell for $2 or $3, some times as high as $5.

In large quantities, and they do exist in large quantities, they are $100 - $130 for a rack of them (100).

In multiple racks (of different denominations) to be considered a set-up for a single-table, home game (say 400 - 600 chips) they drop to around $90 per 100.

These are approximations, your mileage can vary. vbg

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Any value?
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Yes, some value...
the $25

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