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Re: Irony............?
In Response To: Re: WE`RE IN A CRISIS ()

I doubt you see the irony in the brainwashing statement but twits and arse come to mind again.
To compare getting "facts" from Faux and Trump (same meat, different gravy) to everything else, yes everything, is just ludicrous.
If you are happy to just take facts from those 2 sources (ok, maybe Breitbart too) then great, no worries.
Typical statement to anything derogatory said about POtuS but no facts or anything else to support it as per.
You just have to watch the rubbish he spouts and the lies, contradictions and total "flannel" but some still can't see it.
A bit like the GOP Senators saying that they'd already made their minds up about "Ukraine" and then went and signed something to say they would view the evidence and then make a decision which was pretty despicable in itself really but I doubt you see anything wrong in that.
I'd rather not waste my time correcting or having to say something when I know it is not quite right but needs must.
Take care all and hope to see most of you on the other side..............

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