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Interesting response
In Response To: Roger, Why Don't You... ()

First of all I did not tell you to do anything.
Second I do not share my political views as this is not a political forum

I have expressed my views on many items over the past 10 years regarding Casino, Chips and Dice.

I have listened to many chip collectors and their stories of how they found a special chip or how they started to collect chips

I find the history of Las Vegas to be very interesting and love to hear more stories from the old timers

I have mad great friends and share ideas with on a regular basis regarding this hobby

Since you have been in the business for many years I am sure you have great stories to share?

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After Today's Press Conference..
After Today's Press Conference..
Roger, Why Don't You...
Interesting response
Steve we will pay to send u in a Cruise Ship
Re: Awfully generous.
Doesn’t Matter if you Like Trump or Hate Trump..
Re: Not even in his top 10..........
Re: I agree Ron
Even Dr. Fauci...
Re: Irony............?
John B....
Re: John B....
Time Will Tell...
Re: Time Will Tell...
airplanes and missiles
Some facts for you,steve..
Re: And your proof?
Re: After Today's Press Conference..
Re: After Today's Press Conference..
Sorry Steve but.....
Bill, I Do Agree With You...
This is not a Political Forum. Think about that...
Wow! Deep Thought Don
Re: After Today's Press Conference..

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