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Re: Not even in his top 10..........

Of despicable things he's said. Yet again he shows his true colours in that the only thing he cares about is money.
He's trying to do a "Ukraine" on the Governors too I see, funny that. Didn't Schiff say he would at some stage?
The country was ill prepared (so no Donny not a 10 out of 10) due to his blatant denial of how bad it was plus the fact that even as it was starting he was trying to cut the CDC's funds even more so what does that show?
No leader (even a real, proper one) could be prepared for an outbreak like this but at least some listened to experts and not their (large) gut.
He has shown his usual level of incompetence and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as he can't learn and won't listen as he knows more about anything than anybody else, his uncle was a genius you know so he must be too!! Haha, laughable what some people will believe.
I hope that the world manages to get on top of the crisis but regardless Trump has caused more harm than good as usual and will blame everybody and everything else and some muppets will actually believe him and defend him, oh well.

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After Today's Press Conference..
After Today's Press Conference..
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Re: Not even in his top 10..........
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Re: After Today's Press Conference..
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