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BEST OFFER - Colorado Casino Tokens

I have approximately 210 $5.00 tokens and 1400 $1.00 tokens from Colorado Casinos with minimal duplicates. These came from my mom who was a serious collector, she even helped write a book about Colorado casino tokens. I don’t have the heart for collecting and I am looking to find a new home for all of them. T

his is a package deal and I am highly motivated to move it quickly! I will take the BEST OFFER.

I would prefer to work with someone close enough to Denver to prevent shipping costs. If you are not local you will need to pay for shipping.

This is a really great opportunity for new collectors wanting to get a huge jump on a collection, current collectors looking to beef up their collection and/or a great opportunity for token sellers. FYI there are no more silver strikes or gold plated coins.

Additionally, any advice you have to help me get these coins into the hands of someone who will appreciate them or be able to do something with them, is welcomed.

Copyright 2017 David Spragg