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After Today's Press Conference..

You must be typing this note as the President is still talking.

This must be what you get excited about each day.

Again I will ask you to share your knowledge for collectors to gain your knowledge and experience regarding items that members of the Chip Board would love to read.

To date you have not provided anything in this area.

I would guess if you provide a story about your working in a casino or experiences would be great to read

Give it a try

I personally love to hear true stories regarding Casinos, Chip and Dice.

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After Today's Press Conference..
After Today's Press Conference..
Roger, Why Don't You...
Interesting response
Steve we will pay to send u in a Cruise Ship
Re: Awfully generous.
Doesn’t Matter if you Like Trump or Hate Trump..
Re: Not even in his top 10..........
Re: I agree Ron
Even Dr. Fauci...
Re: Irony............?
John B....
Re: John B....
Time Will Tell...
Re: Time Will Tell...
airplanes and missiles
Some facts for you,steve..
Re: And your proof?
Re: After Today's Press Conference..
Re: After Today's Press Conference..
Sorry Steve but.....
Bill, I Do Agree With You...
This is not a Political Forum. Think about that...
Wow! Deep Thought Don
Re: After Today's Press Conference..

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