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JOHN, do not do it!

My brothers when they first moved to Florida, bought a house by the edge of the golf course - as an avid "golfer" - moved out in year after after a "tour to Europe" returned to their home.

Welcoming "party" for sure - the back of the house was all damaged - gators tear the roof off and smaller one dropped in got stuck in the attic and one big hole showed the way to the inside of the house.
Heavily damaged to the back storage house.

Stayed in nearby motel for a week or so bought another house more inland away from the water.

Do not feed them - now you see one nice "baby faced" gator so friend - tap the head and sticks out his tongue being playful, two - three days later, you got two of them - animal are animal per se - they have their own "kingdom come" push the man out of his domain.

Remember what "Grandma" during your first trip to the Zoo and sign - 'Please, do not feed the animal'

Just like what they say in the movies - I will be back, and they will instinctively.

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I'm ready. Feeding the gators a little closer to ~
JOHN, do not do it!
Too late. The gators like the food I feed them. grin
Ha Ha....You will be the food

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