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Never took the "Galleon Trade" in Acapolco, MEX...
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Of all the Asian countries - the Philippines has more Spanish speakers, I heard from my grandma that the teachers in Spanish always has a "stick" and a "chalk" in their hands - very good

Used to have two years in HS Spanish and a mandatory 4 fours in college - I am thankful for this - can talk to my neighbors on the left is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and across the street the left
house has two young kids in Elementary and right in front of my house in the cul-de-sac a daughter in HS and a young boy in 2nd grade, who celebrates 5 times parties with the typical sound of

My neighbor on the left we share a "common plastic fence" - a week ago offered to do the groceries for us, her mother goes to our Christ the King Church twice a week, sometimes brings the two
boys, but I have not seen the parents yet.

For about 4 years I worked as a "School Crossing Guard" in our Elementary School - before they had 12 months system - the heat was just too much. I hung my uniform and my "Stop" sign in the
garage, get paid 2 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon -had wonderful times interacting with "multicultural parents" dropping off and picking up their kids - December was the best part of a
school crossing guard life - plenty of hand-outs with Merry Christmas greetings and "see you a year from now" goodbyes.

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Yes, Mexico.
Never took the "Galleon Trade" in Acapolco, MEX...
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