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I sometimes drive down to Gardena and walk along

the median strip, grass-covered in the video. Just north of Redondo Beach Boulevard, an old railroad line crosses over and runs down the strip which becomes gravel. I've found chips there on a regular basis. Mostly Hustler of course. Nothing from the old, old clubs! On windy days, it's possible to grab an errant dollar bill or two, more likely blowing from the car wash down the street from the Hustler than from the casino itself.

Still further south on Vermont - the median strip disappears completely and the railroad track runs right down the middle of Vermont Avenue. Once a week or so, probably to keep its right-of-way intact, the railroad sends a short freight train down the tracks. Amusing, to say the least, to see motorists' reactions when a locomotive suddenly appears behind them, tooting its horn!! (At the center of old Gardena, the tracks veer west and eventually get over to Western Avenue and from there, into Torrance where the trains can scare more drivers.)

Now don't all of you invade my chip-collecting territory or I'll have Ernie's ghost throw poker hands on you while you try to sleep!

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Ernie Primm and wife & Gary were my neighbors
Fred, was it you who posted, some time ago, that
Ernie Primm on S. Vermont early days
Re: Ernie Primm on S. Vermont early days
Jay P. was looking for exterior picture of Embassy
I sometimes drive down to Gardena and walk along
Like a Racetrack Stooper..

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