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John, you are so correct.

Though at this point in time there is not nearly enough profit in a actual silver strike to make it worth making only "silver" strikes. Which is why the 4 Queens mixes the "silver" strikes with the clad strikes. Sort of spreads out the costs of the actual "silver". Same thinking as to why the 4 Queens has a $300 strike now verses a $200 strike. The older $200 strikes were 12 ounces (1 Pound Troy) as where now the $300 strikes are 6 ounces of .999 silver surrounded by 6 ounces of plated brass.

I only hope this is a short test period at the Plaza with just the clads and that in the near future they will also mix in the actual "silver".

Same thoughts with the Route 66 casino in New Mexico that last year put in clad strike machines. Bring on the "silver" and watch the play go way up.


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Nice.. though no reason why the industry ~~~
John, you are so correct.

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