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Didn't know SainteClaire Club was around for a 100
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years! (CG says opened in 1956 maybe that's for card games though.) Best way is to use the "Submissions" feature available on the ChipGuide, you fill out all fields of requested information (you'll need one page for each new find). You have to "resize" your scans to be under 500 pixels before submitting, should be easily done on the "Edit" feature of your photo program. Submit a scan of both front and back, and hopefully the entry will be "accepted" when you're done.

If confused or these basic tips don't work for you, go to the Administrators topic and contact one of those formidable-looking folks - Sharona Baichman or maybe Charles Kaplan (haven't bothered Charles in awhile) and ask for assistance.

The fact that Sainte Claire Club claims a 100-year presence is new to me, and kinda important at least to my pea-brain. It does appear in some news items and websites. It started off as a "gentleman's club" in San Jose, so that leaves me out. Think it's still in operation. Sen. James Phelan was a founder; he sort of crapped out by having Phelan, California, in the midst of the Mojave desert, named in his honor.

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Chip Guide addition
Didn't know SainteClaire Club was around for a 100
100+ years (1888)
Very cool...

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