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Some ideas for you

I'm too new to contribute anything myself, but here are some topic ideas that I'd love to read about:

1. Best/worst methods of chip storage. Pros/cons of each. UV protection. Physical protection. Airtites, flips, vinyl album pages, racks, buckets, toilet paper and paper towel tubes and so on.
2. eBay and other sales venues (craigslist, FB marketplace, others?). Best practices and pros/cons for each. What to include in subject/description. Starting price. Reserved price. Shipping. Bulk/Lot sales (select from dropdown, choose one/more from picture, combined individual sales). Sales tax.
3. List of local clubs with meeting dates/times, contact info.
4. Chipping as a business vs. a hobby. Taxes, write-offs, expenses.
5. Monthly article on the history of a Nevada casino (or better yet, a history of any/all casinos that ever existed at a specific address). Include pics and sample memorabilia, and of course chips.

That's all I've got for now. I would be happy to help write up any of these articles based on someone else's verbal input or notes, in case other members have the information to make up an interesting article, but don't feel up to the task of actually organizing their thoughts into a written piece. I'm pretty decent at that stuff.

In addition to articles, another fun thing might to be setting up a camera, lights and one or 2 microphones at the convention and people can stop by and be interviewed about the history of casinos or some other aspect of collecting or just talk into the camera to tell a story. Maybe a special find or a cross-country collecting trip. These videos can be raw or edited and put up on a YouTube channel and made available to members via the cc>cc website (and here and ???).

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Some ideas for you
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You are most welcome to capture
Thanks Reggie, I was thinking that

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