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Las Vegas Rail

Once again, X-train has rebranded itself and the stock has fallen to nearly nothing as they sucker new investors. Promises of a train since, I can't recall. 2014? "United Rail Inc, formerly Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., focuses on providing conventional passenger rail from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The Company focuses on providing X-Train service, which traverse the route in approximately five and half hours. The proposed route of the X-Train is approximately 340 miles, starting at Los Angeles (LA) Union Station, California till the destination at Las Vegas, Nevada. " URAL is not trading at $0.0009 a share.

Except they really never had plans to run from LA, instead set the hype for somewhere out of the city. Like Victorville grin Had changed the route and couldn't come to agreements with the freight lines that owned the tracks. Claimed to have Chinese investors that were interested? Maybe Sir Branson will buy them too and end the foolishness?

Florida-based rail company Brightline announced Tuesday (Sept. 20th) that it has agreed to purchase the XpressWest high-speed rail project, along with the rights to develop a federally approved corridor between Victorville, California, and Las Vegas.

Well guess what, someone might finally complete the plans. This will be the third, as Brightline purchased the first.

"Brightline, which is rebranding as Virgin Trains USA in partnership with Branson, runs about 17 trains each way daily between Miami and West Palm Beach — 67 miles (107 kilometers) — and plans to expand another 170 miles (274 kilometers) to Orlando by 2022. On that new segment, trains will reach speeds of 125 mph (200 kph) when they travel through less densely populated farmland. That same year it plans to open a line connecting Southern California and Las Vegas, with top speeds of 150 mph (240 kph). It hopes to add service in Texas and other states."


"Brightline also plans to develop an intermodal station and mixed-use development on 38 acres near the Las Vegas Strip."

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