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Vintage Chips/Collection for sale


I am looking to sell some or all (if the right offer exists) of my chip collection.
All of these chips are in Mint/Never Circulated condition.
I can send images upon request for any chip.
Please email me at if anyone has any interest in these.
This list is in no particular order.
The chips I have are as follows:
Name: Denomination: Edition:
Hotel Thunderbird $0.50 6th
Riviera $0.50 5th
Golden Gate $0.05 4th
Lady Luck $1.00 3rd
Four Queens $1.00 11th
Flamingo $1.00 1st
Town Tavern $5.00 1st
Golden Nugget $5.00 9th
Caesars Palace $5.00 4th
El Cortez $25.00 2nd
El Cortez $25.00 5th
21 Club $25.00 5th
Little Casino $100.00 1st
Hilton Reno $500.00 1st
Aladdin $500.00 9th
Desert Inn $1,000.00 12th
El Capitan Club $1.00 1st
Sands $100.00 10th
Golden Nugget $25.00 12th
Milton Prell's Aladdin $25.00 1st
New China Club $100.00 4th
Diamond Jim's $25.00 3rd
Stardust $100.00 1st
Hotel Riviera $0.50 4th
Milton Prell's Aladdin $100.00 1st
Boulder Club $25.00 3rd
Stardust $100.00 2nd
Hotel Fremont $1.00 3rd
Hotel Fremont $100.00 1st
Hotel Fremont $100.00 1st
The Mint $1.00 2nd
Harrah's Club $2.50 2nd
Caesars Palace $25.00 4th
MGM Grand Hotel $25.00 9th
Flamingo RLT2 3rd
Flamingo $25.00 5th
Flamingo RLT3 4th
Flamingo RLT3 4th
Flamingo RLT3 4th
Flamingo RLT3 4th
Cotton Club $5.00 1st
Caesars Palace $5.00 3rd
Hotel Fremont $5.00 3rd
The Dunes Hotel $5.00 3rd
Club Harlem $5.00 2nd
Sands $5.00 10th
Holiday Queen $5.00 1st
Four Queens $5.00 1st
Lotus Inn $5.00 1st
The Dunes Hotel RLT 1st
Milton Prell's Aladdin $500.00 1st
Holiday Queen $1.00 1st
El Cortez Hotel $1.00 4th
Las Vegas Gun Club $25.00 1st
Caesars Palace $25.00 4th
Pioneer Club $25.00 7th
Moulin Rouge $100.00 1st
Incline Village $25.00 1st
Club Harlem $0.10 1st
Tahoe Village $100.00 1st
Harrah's Club $100.00 2nd
Riviera $5.00 5th
Las Vegas Gun Club $5.00 1st
Bonanza $5.00 2nd
El Cortez Hotel $5.00 6th
Holiday Queen $5.00 1st
Hacienda $5.00 1st
Fremont $5.00 2nd
Harolds Gun Club $25.00 1st
Flamingo $5.00 5th
Golden Nugget $5.00 7th
Primadonna Club $5.00 3rd
Pagni Bros. Jubilee $25.00 1st
Moulin Rouge $5.00 1st
Aladdin $500.00 7th
Thunderbird $5.00 6th
Sahara Thunderbird $5.00 1st
Hotel Showboat $0.25 2nd
Flamingo $5.00 2nd
Bonanza $0.50 2nd
Moulin Lounge $5.00 1st
Riviera $5.00 8th
Landmark Hotel $5.00 1st
Harolds Gun Club $5.00 1st
Stardust $25.00 1st
Harolds Gun Club $100.00 1st
Four Queens $0.25 1st
Flamingo $5.00 4th
Palace Club RLT3 1st
Palace Club RLT2 1st
Flamingo RLT3 4th
Stardust $5.00 6th
Sun Valley $5.00 1st
Thunderbird $1.00 6th
Las Vegan Gun Club $25.00 1st
Boulder Club $0.25 4th
Boulder Club $0.25 3rd
Aladdin $500.00 11th
Landmark Hotel $5.00 1st
Harrah's Club $25.00 3rd
Stardust $500.00 10th
Trade Winds Hiway 95 $25.00 1st
Flamingo - Full set of 5 RLT3 4th
Tropicana Hotel $500.00 3rd
Harrah's Club $5.00
El Rancho $5.00
Wagon Wheel $5.00 8th
Dunes $5.00 6th
Milton Prell's Aladdin $5.00 1st
The Mint $25.00
Thunderbird $5.00
Landmark Hotel $1.00
Gold Dust $24.00 Proto

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