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Re: Indeed, that's life yes?
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Indeed and we all walked different paths to get where we are hence this here and now existence (well for some of us more than others obviously and I'm good at putting myself down so I could mean me okay, don't get upset please. I'm the snowflake not of you so all good), fate maybe. Too much synchronicity involved, coincidence, maybe. Sorry my party and I'll talk rubbish if I want to, free world and free to leave too. I'd prefer you stayed but hey, if I haven't upset you at least twice by now you're here to the bitter end.
As to the dot, trust me on this John, as I do you, except mine are connected (differently), admittedly not well but by me and my opinions not too many others or brain washed, yes we all are from an early age but neither time nor place to do this and I'd really rather my post wasn't hijacked just for a pleasant change, is that okay with you John. Oh I do hope so. Can't upset you now can we, I'd never forgive myself now please leave the thread alone and we can happily take the conversation elsewhere to finish on Monday until then this is MY thread, ok. Thank you ever so much. Please leave it right now as yes my sarcasm deserves to be answered if needed no problem but this is not getting wrecked or sabotaged by anybody, not today not ever, mate. Paranoid, too right, jealousy, bragging rights, small egos all over the world we could put the world to rights (well one of us could) so please don't do this here. Trust me, please. I could talk about this all day if in an alternative place but busy, busy, bust, Oh I forget my point yet again, ok, done then.
Pictures later if anybody cares and still has any will to live left.

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