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Re: Nearly there.....

Although sorry only in 20s probably but yours is an easy one, as soon as I get the rest up later let me know about the plaques ok?
Wasn't Scott with Kerouiac or whatever spelling (no offence just had enough now and if in this universe and not part 3) it was Robert, my deepest apologies Robert for the mix up.
I had a right rant ready about scaremongering and other stuff about previous negative experiences on here and elsewhere (I must bring it on myself, sometimes yes) but pointless, it's the plaques not me that are on trial here in my opinion. No naughty words I can see but tired so............
Basically, sometimes I can see why sensitive people may have a tendency to prefer fun somewhere else as opposed to some of the stuff spouted on here so stay away, worked for me in the past and yes again my allergy to a certain shade of nutty orange is my problem not yours but my bad rep previously, unjust! 'nuff said. No, I'm not looking for a fight in here just my opinion and we all know what that's worth. Not the time or place, another of both please.
John thanks for the "facts" but 3rd or 4th time now? I know you are a repeating type, no problem. Paradise cheap and tacky plaque is a prime example, always has been so just give it up or I have a great suggestion for it. Royal Chimes, etc. Fair enough as it may work some day and I will try myself I'm sure but please no, just no. My dad's a chemist and I asked him, not worried at all. Sorry sarcasm, not good or clever I know especially if bad mood ones. Negative vibes no thanks. Short version so hope it goes up, maintenance I bet. Hahaha, yep. hahaha, irony, love it. 10 am GMT now so will miss a lot. Hope I got the naughty word out though or I give up trying to be clever and defend the stuff. Better?
As it will probably take longer, it'll be later on Saturday now, storage unit is not that near so more time, didn't think that through. Another quick tweak there then.

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