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Re: Sorry for the last time.

How good are you eyesights?
Tester. Upside down?

Sorry Scott if quick enough yes it is, on way later today, details prices etc too complicated so break down
Bear with me, dealing with 3 or 4 different markets or trying to and not even "live" yet (Saturday my drive of drivel finishes and doors open hopefully) and the stuff will sell itself no worries I'll just have to keep up with i all. It will get lots excited and then again none. I don't care, my sales push will be over. Not started yet and 12 orders pending my sorting and another dozen waiting in the wings, Believe the real facts not those other one. Just 3 or 4 of my early early (good customers in the past) stragglers.
A quick one, just 1 though. Reminder Saturday hopefully. Nothing goes before then, no idea what time, when I get up. Only thing not "exact" as no idea when I'll collapse so.........
Average set of 5 (£5, £10,£50,£100,£500)ha average, wait until you see them, I know subjective but to my eyes make sense. Please feel please to offer constructive but not vicious £250/£300 with so many options, exclusivity types (expensive even for me but I think once gone, they are gone). I'll even tell you some of my figures I know about but don't have all, how's that? Any more transparency and you see my pants and they won't be on fire. My nose will stay the same size too, anything else also. Sorry. So excited and hope it rubs off, no worries if not, a break at last. I don't want some people feeling regret for not listening, if wrong. If they get a set at less than that then I died so.......risk the fall in prices or buy now? Hmm, what would I do. Another pointer, a price of awful ones but still with some " charm" hope to be £100 with extras as will most deals, unless I don't like you. Your face then, that was a picture I bet, I jest (nearly remember the 1%). I personally think they are cheap at twice the price but if not for you not good enough value no probs. The price will only go up I'm sure some will say but money is not the issue so am flexible just don't think you 'll take advantage as I'm no longer a walkover, the worm has turned, sorry. I will make you happy though and you can help me by telling people please. One last price on the set of James Bond style plus a Beatles £5 is the "Dog' bits" now I hope to defy anybody who can find fault, looks like it was made yesterday but careful with those aspersions and insinuations tere this timeas I am happy to present my facts v yours allll day long. It'd be a pleasure but I'll be packing and too busy I hope from 12 today. Not decided quite yet but £500-£700 with bonuses available to really get an unique set if I can get sorted in time. Prices lowered if condition issues on any, not promising but I plan to try. Wish me luck. Old £100 plaque, if knackered free if wanted probably, if lucky and maybe a good one, £50? Set of 2 smaller £50 and £100s and many other stupid incentives to browse longer. Thanks.
Later today, proper grading pics. If anything blatantly stands out again let me know, nicely please. Oh ok, hints for even better and yes more expensive options for the discerning buyer there sir...just ask. I hope there are one or 2 matched sets too no less, hard I bet and work will be needed only on top 3 big boys which I will explain later. And even 1 more but nobody wil get those. And best 2 sets are mine for the moment as I can get verification on numbers used in thefilm then phew............Come on how could I keep a clear conscience knowing some little toerag like me got the same deal as the big boys and same condition, Haha yeah right, if only. First come first served perhaps? Once people find out that now ready to go they will be be release from their "holding cells, Bond Island) they will fly out, seriously. last time of selling them although my improved sales pitch (nope) will still in play until the ribbon cutting. Kidding, I get up at 11.11 on Saturday there decided. Be there or be a rectangle. Enjoy the pics and story. Just one small thing though, when I say the casino are believed to have probably (plus common sense) lent the plaques to the film company hence my trying to find the numbers don't fall for that rookie mistake as if you have proof against my probable plus my extras please bring to the party and we can compare don't just say oh yeah casino grunt, really lent them plaques grunt snort, oink, hahah liar..because I lost it last time ,straw broke back and it won't be happening again, my reputation with the missus at stake, way more important than my one here, sorry. Get ready for later.
Excited yet? Sorry to seemingly stretch it out but need a little more time and building up the excitement. If heart can't take it, take a break, he says! Photos later if not scared off by now. Sorry.
Sorry more not for sale just pleasure on eyes.
Last one then another 2 hours I hope.

Sorry though no £200 jetons at $70 or higher each (I don't have 1000s of them so), fair enough but my prices are reasonable in my biased eyes/opinion but hey, I'd rather have one of these than any Crox/CHC ok not Playboy, special to me so............

No idea why it says Des yet, beat yer but again I know every bit I have is the real deal, I will try to show you so you make your own mind up based on what I have. If I don't manage in time then so be it. If you believe something else of I don't convince you the we go separate ways.
More later, sorry all.

Lastly some more fun, brownie points for all who find and point out all of the deliberate errors hidden in here just not from me. Next door there.

Anybody still not see why I had a quick meltdown to cope, well, what more can I do to excuse my abruptness and nowhere near all stuff yet. Told you all cash desk old rubbish, mine. No Bond jokes yet off now. Trying to improve my writing style don't you know.
Watch the clip, make your educated guess like me, not happy, forget it. If interested let me convince you if I get the time.

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