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Re: Both correct. David please read and if .....
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I know it's all over the place, a right mess but editing, some spelling gone, forever. If I didn't apologise like a snowflake every 2 words it'd half the size. Still lots to learn as first ever piece longer than I dunno, the last one. There this is the way it will go, a bumpy ride, no? Please go and I wish you well. You just saved yourself from either the worst nightmare or the best laugh since Pratchett on form which funnily enough (at the very end now) is just getting c***y now. Sorry started this 4 hours ago or was it last week. Needed to blowand I suppose a good as placeas any. Anyway my point, before comments as I just needed to vent and experiment with a little ritual humiliation, put it together and what have you got. I'm actually enjoying myself, sorry. And I bet a dollar to a dime or whatever, you sang bippity, boppetty boo. And you will never see my first attempt at that, ok. Scott, Kerouaic kudos, appreciated but my spelling and brain long gone so leave it others. Forgotten by I came back here now, blast, I was doing so well, haha, yes my honest opinion. Jeeez stop me. Read all and makes total (haha) sense. Yes not many tricks, monotonous but it's the way I tell them, badly. Another day, sorry if still here and didn't take my advice to leave earlier. Pulp fiction time , photos are wrong as way too long here, sorry, when/ if I get up.

Please feel free to do some of your own research so no problems and we are on the same page for a civilised debate but unless somebody puts me right in my place, I believe what I believe, Allow me that please. Oh and at the end of this long boring journey (part of book hence the manner really. It will not be available I think but like me will contain nuts, Now come on I find that a little funny. That makes me smile knowing some body is hopefully in hysterics laughing or crying at my stupidity but personally I think I've been on the best or worst form of my life) I expect nor want any sympathy at the end of this my final ride here, but they are my problems ok? And it'll help to know a little for the people who wish to can get involved and enjoy it too. Always happy to back up my "claims" on these in a friendly manner. I can't stop. Break this rubbish up with pictures, more chance of getting under the radar before the big boys get warmed up.

And yes, if you have good enough glasses and imagination makes up for my bad pictures (no surprise there eh) you will soon be able to relive the classic years at this prestigious club, sorry Crox and CHC not a patch of this one. Yes, up and down like a yoyo, bi-polar no, manic depressive with usually just the lows but quiet I am to be. These sets are not I repeat not for sale, ok if not a tad jealous. Again, bragging rights, never been my thing that's why no football etc interest, collecting in my blood. No, not the life story as well, over the edge you'd go.

Unacceptable behaviour (shut up word, I want the u please) by somebody acting like a drama queen having a hissy fit then please stop me now (or anybody else who would prefer to save me from myself.) A little compassion for my meltdown would be appreciated but quietly and discreetly. I'm baring my soul in the totally wrong place for me especially but there is a reason so hey, I fold again like a cheap.whatever. Oh umbrella unless in certain hands. That reminds me, there are some tremendously beautiful orange ones (not something I thought I'd say and please I'm in amuse myself mood but you will)and . I am like somebody we probably all know and love maybe which lets them of, a little deluded but misunderstood with good heart that redeems but you just can't put your finger on why. Of like a dog, whatever. I ain't folding thsi time, retreat, I believe my own special kind of reality). Most of my pathetic attempts at humour are tongue in cheek, innuendo, or double entendre (Carry on, Judge Dread and other influences that male us all. This wil be pathetic, surreal or spot on depneding on who you end up believing in, if you actually care any more. If so then my job is done.

Paragraphs should be ,yes, but it if that was meant tongue in cheek, then I commend you for the attempt at humour, Was is sarcasm or humour? That's what some Brits call sarcasm or irony I think. Oh so much editing not enough time. A quick impression and I am actually trying to be funny add character (or flavour to this) to this "To all the haters out, it's not funny..........). And yes I'm defensive as I just went through the allegedly same sort of funny (haha comments due to a few failings And so many loose ends so if beyond your comprehension. If I am overboard incidentally David, pleases top me now as it will be messy so best to nip me (and it) in the bud now and I will happily go away and brood, cry and then make the next source of my breakdown the laugh of the world (or at the very least in my head). I guarantee that in the hands of other less decent people (ie not total morons like me and obviously possibly some others). Honestly I mean no disrespect to anybody and will show some more pictures, if no appeal then I'll move on and say sorry for this obviously uninteresting period of my sad and boring life. As I said what seemed like months ago now. Yes, my diction is crap, my "humour" is wearing and boring if not on my wavelength but it's mine ,sad it may be but you ain't ruining that. Sorry you too and if I misread then I apologise if you were actually trying although falling to be funny. As I say, insult me all you like if that is what does it for you please go ahead as you will be not only ignored.
Remember everybody, please think carefully and of others because 1 more comment that I misconstrue in my fragile state and you will be shown exactly what sort of person you are in my opinion (unless some iota of humour meant and I'm just too tired to catch it and goes over my head).
And all I was going to do after a quick power 1 hour nap was put some pictures up. Seriously, yes grow up, only a bit of fun
Stressed how badly I want this to work and I've been to Manchester (joke maybe) and back to get where I am right now.
So go for it, knock yourself out, and me probably as that would really be the straw. If I fall again my missus will kill me or a heart attack for me along with the mental issues I seem to have newly acquired. My very last chance it seems now as obviously losing my inner battle. Yes, shut up you cry from the cheap seat (oh references if I start) and grow a pair, I know but I will get this down here as it may be stuff of folklore in the future, little things (and we all know how ahem useful that is) till many thanks as stress saved, stop all that I'm trying to achieve, recover and make so many James Bond fans happy, my fire is not going out just yet, Loose ends galore to annoy me but not today. I'd hope this would be taken in the manner it was meant and if over sensitive somebody stop me making en even bigger fool of myself please. If this opportunity gets wasted, there will be some people (if any shred of common decency and noddle will catch up way too late and feel really stupid and I would almost feel guilty, nah, no chance. Payback of the other sort, I'll allow that) so I will carry on now this one and when I go "wrong in the head" just a little bit more, ,just a quick selfish push then great, I can stop trying to please everybody and chill pill time. Still so much rubbish to wade through as I said and I need a generic sales pitch (no I don't actually, these really do sell themselves. I hope to get my investment back with no help from here. As I said, common courtesy although there are many here and many more to add soon I expect that will never not disliking me, no worries). Maybe they mistake my hatred for a certain individual as a political thing, nope, moral fibre. No, sorry, not a road I want to go down. Everybody has the right to support what/who they want so that's it. I'm quiet .It's really not about me (I obviously have to repeat myself over and over) really I'm almost broken unless some encouragement is forthcoming and no not here, No thanks, I didn't say ego massage, not me. Deja vu from the poker site, obviously my own worst enemy so last chance then pics, bed, if I am happier (on my own accord) then I may put prices, gradings more details etc. You think was long and boring wait until Saturday. Then then to the realms of Bond and if all the interest were windups then I quit while behind. If not then my investment back and I live very happily in my own padded room with nice clean white jacket that ties at the back. Look, nearly another meltdown. Public again. Nah, too hard now. Crawl away and lick my wounds and I won't be back and if that is what happens then my respect can be channeled elsewhere very easily once I get back up next year. Last time and apology as it's getting wearing for me too. No shame left (like somebody I know and we know a song about that don't we) and I'm in trying to salvage a little face just in case needed later today. As I say, if gone off on the deep end, then tail between legs but I will get there. So many things bad, articulation, grammar, eloquence, trust me I know and I'm good enough at putting myself down already so..........finished. Now just pictures to make me feel it worthwhile hanging in there. Please enjoy....I've listened to less informative things here shall we say yes, way too much info all at once I know but worth the painful wade if your cup of tea and just shows how much I want to bore people and to a point am open about everything. Makes total sense to me in my present state. on here in the scheme of things and most opinions really don't matter anymore so please leave me alone if I mess it up here. No emails will be replied to or messages, worst comes to the worst, take the michael out of me and I'm stupid hey, I know that every day. I've badly explained myself as usual.nothing. Words not my forte, numbers used to be. Another thing in my own head perhaps I was actually a master and not BS, sorry all. At this moment I leave head held high. I don't know about the last stubborn person reading this before it goes out for good but I'm exhausted so day off definitely and thanks for the interest. Please no psychiatric experts dissect this here but in private, maybe a good thing. Save time, yes I have issues, many and no at this moment I don't care as should be plainly on show. Much more in my head but no. Pictures will speak for themselves. About time I had more faith in that. I hope to hear from some of you maybe. Promise, done.................To be honest I'm proud as Larry with my attempts and novels so whatever happens, good or bad, I really do hold my head high for now. Tomorrow I could break a nail and be a drama queen again but one thing I do mean,it will not be here. I'n now finished. 15 rounds with Tyson, I don't know about you. Yes I like Pulp Fiction, I may have mentioned a few years ago now. My masterpiece, yes, is done. I think I can almost sleep now. Most out of head. Sorry again but if you keep a wide berth of me for now on I totally understand, believe me. If I saw me in the street I'd hide to, quickly. oh and any errors that get pointed out in grammar, get a life man! I'm obviously struggling here and don't need any more stress. Loose ends, oh so many. Sorry, pleasure knowing some of you. Right, gonads, yoo hoo. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz One more thing, I think duracell has kidnapped me. Oh I'm good when I'm stupid. Please watch Dr No scene and first person to convince me of any of the serial numbers can be seen, trust me there is more than a drink in it for them. I have feelers out and I know ,no chance, stupid person. Nut I'm on a mission, fixated but I feel my job to find out if out there, seriously. Mother Theresea, Gandhi, Dr Ruth whoever. See who thinks that was worth the pain? Hands up not fingers people. And my finale and I really am done, Su will go mental again and every right. I feel so invincible right now that I could even go to the MIddle East and sort that out, there are no issues there, jus ta good summing up of how I feel. It could have been bring water and food to Africa, or (oh my word) now if I did this one I would die a happy man (in 30 years I hope) but no, no hate, I'm calm. Please let me know if anything really important of course. A book deal, new padded room, you know the sort of thing. No more photos, the can wait now.

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