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Apologies now, Sale of the Year

So many things to say (4th attempt) not enough time to spout it plus it deleted on me (own fault) so more prices and concisely if interest tomorrow with a quick overnight extra chance to be at the hoped for rush earlyish. (if I don't sleep for a week). Some of you will understand why it has been so hard. Amateur totally out of my depth but what a learning curve, not there yet but wow, so close. Poker, luck, timing, skill in whatever order you believe. all in play here. My mind has been blown more than once this week. This has it all but I digress. If nobody looks so be it, crashed and burned on here but no problem at all, believe me and no offence intended to anybody. Not meaning to be rude and never been like this before (Matrix), it's like having the best "whatever" and you feel it and it's infectious already (too flowery, wait until I get warmed up, it's painful. ignore it just look at the pictures and prices). No arguments, discussions privately yes, constructive criticism, I like to think I'll take it on the chin so no worries but try to put it down I will not be a happy bunny. I know I repeat myself sorry, I threaten to go and can't, I'm fixated. Help. And yes my style of writing is definitely an acquired taste so if my idiosyncrasies/foibles/diction/ spelling (most bases covered) amuse you or affect this in any way please do it in private. Again apologies but 1 sentence from somebody trying to ruin it for others set me off and could do so again and then it's gone, ruined, I give in. Yes I'm paranoid, good reason, shhhh. I'm on stage at the Apollo by the way if you are enjoying this or you just a plain old boring masochist, whatever. Yes, obviously I am, one. Make or break time or me hallucinating. Not again, please. And yes again, this novel is laughingly what I call the short version, there is so much more. I could talk for England, bet you couldn't tell. I've left hints but been delays so now, almost there. Peaked your interest? Please feel free to watch Sylvia Trench's baccarat at Les A with the iconic scene and first Bond, James Bond "bit". Then I will give details tomorrow. But for now, the Big Three as I call them. Wait until you see my menu, I'm trying to spice it up here a little. Monty Python, Bond themes, a fun thing. Bond fans have already bought non Bond stuff so you never know, a kick up the ... for the UK market, still with potential and no where near falling from grace silly not to try to attract a younger clientele and I think this could be it for the UK stuff. If my stupid dialogue has spoiled it then many of you then I apologise and if you don't get wrapped up in it almost as bad as me then sorry, really not your thing. Waste of your time but if you do it's worth listening to my rubbish for the history. If this doesn't do it for you, nothing I ever have will. Honestly my head is so far up my....anyway I meander again.
All budgets hopefully catered for, hard work for me trust me. Well I hope anyway, still not set in stone . My rules to come soon and your assurances from me hopefully. My word mean nothing to most I'm sure but it does to me and some on here I've dealt with. Hoy Charlie mate, stop giving me grief over postage when it always costs me more anyway. Give me a break, a friendly "dig" in fun. £1s will be sorted soon, see why I'm late? Have a good one. Oh and you're not getting for "free" as £1 purple only 12 so far and in tape so more work.

Yes, they really are what you think (I hope you do anyway as potential issues will be ignored if a spoilsport only, rules are shown) they are. "Proof" of many sorts and provenance hopefully later. And complicated pricing/grading system, remember. Easy if you put the work in but feel like I need t try to join Mensa sometime (haha not a chance in the bush, get it?) but the wife is getting good at grading and she's bored rigid. Told you, a novel may be on the way, just edit this. Actually sort of my idea in a mad way. Loads left yet.You will hate the sound of my typewriting, I do already as I bet most of you do too but this is for me, sorry. Join the ride if you like but for the right reasons please.
I believe my gradings are pretty close (only know different if against a perfect one and yes are some) in fact some will say too brutal. Bond fans will gladly pay more so I understand but I'm not greedy I want to pay it back/on, 99.9% good and 1% not,sorry.If I'm wrong forgive me I'm amazed I'm still standing. Miracle. John Benedict, I told you not a good idea for me to write an article it'd takeover the mag for 2 solid months with my poncey style of writing. I hope I haven't affected anybody mentally with this drivel (again. no offense but it's not that bad so... safe there methinks) but if it doesn't create a reaction I may just chill, I'm exhausted. I don't want to, encouragement would help for once. Thanks.
Quick "spoiler" but some interest already, Bond fans are knocking my door down but out of common courtesy and to help to show that my unjustly bad reputation in certain circles has been wrong for years and if they diss this in any way, I have enough common sense proof to show if needed . If I get the chance I will show some. Prices and picture examples tomorrow before general "release" hopefully on Saturday, personal invitations sent out 3 weeks ago or so still stand to all received. This is my sales drive, paybacks (nice ones), seriously I never lie so trust me. Oh no I sound like a stable genius, noooooo. The other stupid reason I had issues here but no more "hatred" Demons have almost been beaten, yes I've gone stark raving mad but shh, they'll take me away. I have been on the worst downer and the best form in my life in one day, honestly, amazing, I've driven the wife mad and am so sorry but she's the best thing ... oh no stop it. Sorry emotional. Bye bye any sense of respect now and anyway no it it IS my day. It will take more time as storage unit is miles away and when initial (hoped for) rushis over I need a holiday but contact is possible. Joke, believe it or not TMI time but you know what I don't care, it's not about me, never was. it's about the history and beauty of the gorgeous items I plan to sell soon. Amounts not exact but ballpark will be prominently shown so no misunderstandings at all. Don't like please move on, don't spoil for others. I'm delirious, when you hear my patter it's rubbish, don't need it, ignore it but don't ask a question if hidden in there, that's my "Pulp Fiction" style sorry. I am joking I just need sleep but I bet I livened up somebody's dull and boring night. Answers soon on a racing pigeon, thanks and good night. Yes they all smell, find me some after 27 years in a barn that with a little more care and attention (I have a tip on that) but I believe that this set having survived over 50 years will outlast most ofus, I hope not but I'm many things and a realist is one.

Boy, I've been through the wars in last 2 days. Many mistakes no more editing (yes did I say that 3 hours ago, somewhere in here). I don't care anymore, like you I think I've lost the will to live. Need a drink? Sorry. Again to reiterate just to make sure you read until the bitter end, my entertainment only, sorry. Pulitzer or toilet paper. Thank you very much, ahaha.

Seriously, record post yet? A longer one, glad I missed that one.

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