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Official SNCCC meeting report for 10/08/2019!

Official SNCCC monthly meeting report for 10/08/2019! vbg

Brought to you by your ex-president and currently SNCCC Publicity Director, Sheldon Smith! rofl

Guests are always welcome and members are always welcome too! Membership is only $12.00 a year. Bill Lange FLEW in ONCE again for this meeting! Attendance was pretty good, over 40! We are at 241 members! New members tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sands, WELCOME!

Our Guest Speaker this month was Mr. Phil Jensen. Phil began collecting coins as a young boy in Wisconsin in 1953 when his father gave him six rolls of Indian head pennies and a folder to put them in. For much of the 1950’s, Phil spent Friday nights searching through rolls of coins bought at the local bank. He’d been bitten by the collecting bug! After a four-year stint at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Phil moved to Lake Tahoe in 1966 where he became fascinated by the 300-piece casino chip collection on display at Harvey’s. For the next fifteen years, Phil traveled Nevada, collecting current and obsolete chips and the stories that went with them. Recently, he has been documenting those travels, chips and stories in articles in Casino Chip and Token News (now Casino Collectibles News). Phil has been a casino dealer for 36 years, and currently lives in Las Vegas. His presentation was amazing! Phil was inducted into the Casino Collectibles Association the Hall of Fame in 2003. He is also a member of the Southern Nevada Casino Collectors Club

The next meeting is: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th!

The auction was great with a lot of under bidders fighting for the right to posses the chip of their choice! One item exceeded $24 in fighting over the it! Our auctioneer Dale Horyna was once again in fine voice! VP Follis did a fine job parading back and forth showing the chips to be auctioned, each and every time, with a little limp, are you ok Jim? A special raffle was held with the winners receiving their very own sets of SNCCC chips, etc! The cash 50/50 raffle did well too! Ron Gaudette was absent and we understand he is a little under the weather, get better Ron!

President Vergatos ran the meeting in his usual competent manner and a great time was had by all! The SECOND SNCCC bus tour leaves from the Gold Coast this coming Saturday! Promises to be a blast!

Tree Shields handled the members badge distributions with dignity and aplomb again! Secretary Follis expounded on the minutes from the September! Vice-President Mr. Rick Lonski and Treasurer Mrs. Terri Lonski did a fine job too! So too did membership officer Mr. Ogden!

If you live in Las Vegas or are coming to town and are even remotely interested in casino memorabilia and/or a good time you should drop by!

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Official SNCCC meeting report for 10/08/2019!
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