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thanks Garin....
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I have just read some of your recent finds “ Le Cercle”. (I’m trying to catch up to some of the posts of the past week or 2.)
I would like to inquire on a set? And possibly the plaques you picked up as well....fabulous finds.
Email me...I’ll get back to you in “my morning “8-9 hours from now.
Many thanks...Jay

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Today’s finds
Jay - You Find the Best Stuff !!
Thanks Jerry 😀...
Thanks John...😀
Re: Today’s finds
Thanks Rich...😀
A Very Good Day...More Info
Thanks A.J....
Thank you Mr & Mrs Smith 😀
Re: Well done as always.
thanks Garin....
Nice, Where were you?
Thanks Fred...
Most excellent finds as always!
Good luck, Eric!
Thanks Freedner 😀
Got sent through the CAT scan several times, with
Re: Today’s finds
Me, too!!
Thanks Michael 😀
Whisky A Go Go opened in 1964
Thanks Torrey 😀
Re: Today’s finds
Thanks John....JFK chip
Great the Whiskey chip!
Thanks Mark 😀

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