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A Very Good Day...More Info
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I have obtained the other chip in the $1 value (small crown) and some more information to add to what you have already shared with me. Found a shipping box for those chips and they were shipped to: Jeanne Mayberry, 13021 Thornberry, Bakersfield, CA. There was a PO Box #D-77415 on the label. Also, picked up a couple of each from the buyer. but don't have them in hand just yet. The two chips are shown below. The black was not like the other two, but he had an Office Club, Poterville, CA $1. Everything we have discovered about these chips point to California. The lady at the estate sale said the owner was from California.

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Today’s finds
Jay - You Find the Best Stuff !!
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A Very Good Day...More Info
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Nice, Where were you?
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Most excellent finds as always!
Good luck, Eric!
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Got sent through the CAT scan several times, with
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Me, too!!
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Whisky A Go Go opened in 1964
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Thanks John....JFK chip
Great the Whiskey chip!
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