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NCR - Survivor Updated Chips received List

Below is the updated list now with all of the players who have sent chips and I have received them and all are in new conditions. And a thank you to those who also sent extra chips. Very much appreciated.

$1.00 Pool
Virgil Foss – Jason Linden
Joseph Myers – Dean Kowalski
James Stroud – Ronnie Bardah - chips received
Bill Purcell – Elaine Stott - chips received
Roger Herman – Tom Laidlaw - chips received
Keith Gabor – Karishma Sandesara
Walter Dirzulitis – Noura Salmon – chips received
Robert Likes – Elizabeth Beisel
Steve Gobel – Tra’mese Byrd
Ricky Pushkin – Kellee Kim
Ricky Pushkin – Vince Moua
Roger Herman – Jamal Shipman - chips received
Walter Dirzulitis – Janet Carbin – chips received
Dennis Berry – Molly Byman – chips received
Mike Downey – Dan Spilo
Bill Purcell – Aaron Meredith - chips received
Keith Gabor – Chelsea Walker
Bill Purcell – Tommy Sheehan - chips received
Bob Hiestand – Lauren Beck – chips received
Dennis Berry – Jack Nichting – chips received

$5.00 Pool
Joseph Myers – Chelsea Walker
James Stroud Elaine Stott - chips received
Bill Purcell – Kellee Kim - chips received
Keith Gabor – Ronnie Bardah
Walter Dirzulitis – Tra’mese Byrd – chips received
Robert Likes – Aaron Meredith
Steve Gobel – Noura Salmon
Ricky Pushkin – Dan Spilo
Ricky Pushkin – Tommy Sheehan
Walter Dirzulitis – Molly Byman – chips received
Dennis Berry – Elizabeth Beisel – chips received
Mike Downey – Lauren Beck
Bill Purcell – Janet Carbin - chips received
Keith Gabor – Jamal Shipman
Bill Purcell – Vince Moua - chips received
Ricky Pushkin – Tom Laidlaw
Bob Hiestand – Dean Kowalski – chips received
Walter Dirzulitis – Jack Nichting – chips received
Dennis Berry – Jason Linden – chips received
Dennis Berry – Karishma Sandesara – chips received

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