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NCR - Survivor - Update - Send yer chips Please

This is a re posting just in case someone missed the earlier posting

Yes, and here it is. I had my bride do the name pulling this time as my grand daughter is at home and off to preschool.

Please look below and check to see in each pool how many times you are entered. A few of us are in each pool once, twice or three times.

Now you can send me your NEW CONDITION chips either $1.00 or $5.00 from any open or closed casino from within the USA. No foreign, fantasy or home game chip please.

If you do not have NEW CONDITION chips I do have plenty and can sell you some if needed. At face value and you can just paypal me for them.

Send to me here:
Dennis Berry
31280 Raleigh Lane
Auberry, Calif. 93602

$1.00 Pool
Virgil Foss – Jason Linden
Joseph Myers – Dean Kowalski
James Stroud – Ronnie Bardah - chips received
Bill Purcell – Elaine Stott - chips received
Roger Herman – Tom Laidlaw - chips received
Keith Gabor – Karishma Sandesara
Walter Dirzulitis – Noura Salmon
Robert Likes – Elizabeth Beisel
Steve Gobel – Tra’mese Byrd
Ricky Pushkin – Kellee Kim
Ricky Pushkin – Vince Moua
Roger Herman – Jamal Shipman - chips received
Walter Dirzulitis – Janet Carbin
Dennis Berry – Molly Byman
Mike Downey – Dan Spilo
Bill Purcell – Aaron Meredith - chips received
Keith Gabor – Chelsea Walker
Bill Purcell – Tommy Sheehan - chips received
Bob Hiestand – Lauren Beck
Dennis Berry – Jack Nichting

$5.00 Pool
Joseph Myers – Chelsea Walker
James Stroud Elaine Stott - chips received
Bill Purcell – Kellee Kim - chips received
Keith Gabor – Ronnie Bardah
Walter Dirzulitis – Tra’mese Byrd
Robert Likes – Aaron Meredith
Steve Gobel – Noura Salmon
Ricky Pushkin – Dan Spilo
Ricky Pushkin – Tommy Sheehan
Walter Dirzulitis – Molly Byman
Dennis Berry – Elizabeth Beisel
Mike Downey – Lauren Beck
Bill Purcell – Janet Carbin - chips received
Keith Gabor – Jamal Shipman
Bill Purcell – Vince Moua - chips received
Ricky Pushkin – Tom Laidlaw
Bob Hiestand – Dean Kowalski
Walter Dirzulitis – Jack Nichting
Dennis Berry – Jason Linden
Dennis Berry – Karishma Sandesara

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NCR - Survivor - Update - Send yer chips Please
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