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NCR - Survivor Time Again - Wanna Play ??

I posted this earlier today. Those that asked to join are already on the list. I am looking for more players.

Wednesday the 25th, September the show will start up again.

I am going to host the game this season. I am now looking for 20 players who are interested in joining in.
In what I read there will be 20 players so I am looking for 20 players for the $1.00 and $5.00 pools.
What it will cost you is this. For each entry in the pools it will require you to send me 4 $1.00 chips or 4 $5.00 chips.
These chip must be in NEW CONDITION. No one wants to win and then get a bunch of used beat up chips.

1. chips mailed to you after contest is filled. Meaning as soon as all spots are filled I will post to send your chips. I don't want to have chips sent if we don't get all the spots filled.
2. anyone can enter, not just members, since mailing all chips a sent in advance
3. US casinos ONLY, either open now or closed. But real casino chips. No home game or fantasy or anything like that

Pay out will be this.
First to be sent home wins 20 chips in each pool.
First sent to Jury wins 20 chips in each pool.
Overall season winner wins 40 chips in each pool.

Please post here or email me if you would like to join the fun and maybe be a season winner.

Thanks for reading and I hope we get lots of players.


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NCR - Survivor Time Again - Wanna Play ??
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