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More weekend finds - Rosie Bowl and Tuket

Rose Bowl or San Diego? Rosie Bowl has a pricey $9 entry fee and a loooonng walk from where I was directed to park (on the grass no less) to the ticket booth, but I made it, huffing and puffing. Found fossilized Dunes HHR chips right off the bat, got one of each denomination. The vendor's story about them is: The casino buried them in dirt and then poured concrete on top of them. A dealer remembered where this happened and many years later, returned to dig 'em up. (Presumably the Dunes was being demolished at that time.) This is why the HHR set will be concrete-covered on one side but reasonably clean and unbleached on the other. True? The vendor said he knew the dealer so it's Two Degrees of Kevin Bacon on this tale.

Some pinback buttons from another vendor's bowl. Usually I skip buttons but . . . these are interesting. Vegas Vic sporting an I Like Ike button for the American Political Influence Convention at Monte Carlo (what a casino mix-up). Holyfield vs. Moorer, he hit him with a left, a right, another left and another, and that guy's outta the ring, flying up and over the crowd until a little old lady in the back row caught him. Touchdown! (Sports would be more fun if they combined at least 3 games in one.)

Go ahead, ask me about the $100,000 Rio Birthday Bash!

Then stopped off at the Tukwet Golf Course to buy some kitten chips.

Discovered the King's Buffet in San Bernardino after getting lost off the I-215. Pretty good day after all as I am still here to talk about it.

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More weekend finds - Rosie Bowl and Tuket
Good job Eric !!! Nice finds

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