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There were times where he appeared to be ~~~
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~~~ so much interested in the betterment of our club and its direction forward; though sometimes in a rather crude manner of which I had though was to attract viewers. And, after reading some of what he said, I invited him to make some suggestions at our club message board which he later claimed that since he was not a member he thought it not proper (all of this is archived here), then I had responded to some of his later posts regarding our club and invited him to join us in order to make those suggestions "properly" and not too far afterwards our club president stepped up and asked him, here, if Steve would care to join him at lunch at his choice of location in Las Vegas to discuss matters... at which time I was overjoyed and commented that Jerry did the right thing. There was a response by Steve, and there was never a lunch, as far as I know. I tried my best in asking Steve to join the club and hardly had a response. There is very little that he comes on here to say other than chip talk and offering his help locally at casinos... and the last being his offer with Hard Rock chip redeeming and his main focus, otherwise, is our club, attracting new members and not scaring off those who are thinking of joining us (in his words)... which is very obvious when overlooking
his manner of making his point.

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Welcome to the Club Ricky P. !!!
Still Condescending Doug...
Mr Cavenaugh, I respectfully request you refrain
Hey Puppetmaster grin
If i only had thal kind of power .....
Re: If i only had thal kind of power .....
Re: If i only had thal kind of power .....
What is Steve’s issue
Just to be clear, I harbor no ill will towards
I hear you Doug!!
Re: What is Steve’s issue
Re: What is Steve’s issue
There were times where he appeared to be ~~~
Re: Thank you Thank you Thank you! vbg
Way to go Ricky!!!

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