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Nice finds, all! My weekend finds --
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a bit different this time, as I went brick-hunting with a geologist friend in Soledad Canyon and Alberhill.

On his way back to Fremont, he and his wife stopped in Oceano to go camping, and his bricks, which he left outside his van, were stolen! So these might in the end go back to Dan in Fremont.

We were supposed to find many old bricks in a dry creekbed in Alberhill. Guess what? The creek is now filled with water. I located a spring where it came gushing out of the ground. Also - some very large cat paws in the mud. We did not hang around long after that.

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Today’s finds...
Nice haul Jay...
Thanks Charles 😀
Hit a Homer!
Thanks A. J. 😀
As ALWAYS, Very Nice Finds!
Thanks Gerald....😀
Re: Today’s finds...
Rich...I don't see them
NICE! vbg
Thank you Mr&Mrs Smith 😀
Nice finds, all! My weekend finds --
Re: Nice finds, all! My weekend finds --

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