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Chipguide question

Hi everybody. I have filled in my collection, my wish list and my traders on the chipguide.
Did not started looking who could have anything interesting for me, yet.
But while doing this I noticed some minor details needed to be updated. (current/ obsolete, currency, website links, ...)
I have sent some messages already but cannot say these were effective.
Am I doing something wrong? Who do I send an email to?

I also noticed some sides of chips in my collection, not being showed on the chipguide.
Do I fill in a new form or just update?

Thanks for reading. Jo Steevens steevbe R-9029

Some problems with submissions so I'm testing this.
You can put this one in Casino Kursaal Oostende, just don't forget my name.

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Chipguide question
Wow.. That is a cool chip.

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