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Along the Trail of the MoGH, Milestone Marker #6

The MoGH expresses it's gratitude and appreciation to Andy Martello, for the gracious loan of his El Rey Casino, Searchlight, Nevada collection for display at the MoGH 6th Milestone Marker, along the Trail of the MoGH, Spinettis Gaming Supplies. As some of you may recall, a week before the CCA's annual Convention and Show last month, the MoGH was invited to move it's "Atomic Nevada" display, on loan from MoGH Board member Steve Palumbo, from Spinettis to the National Atomic Testing Museum (establishing Milestone Marker #7). This left an empty display case at Spinettis, but Andy has now filled that void!

Some of you may recall seeing Andy's wonderful collection of El Rey material at the CCA's 2014 annual Convention and Show, when he was a Competitive Exhibitor, winning the People's Choice (1st Place) honors! Over the years, Andy has kept the collection intact, and is very pleased to re-exhibit it, for the MoGH, the CCA, for public viewing. The MoGH is pleased to make this exhibit available for viewing and thank Mike Spinetti and Mikko Melander of Spinettis Gaming Supplies in making this possible.

Here are few pictures of Andy's exhibit, as taken by Jerry Vergatos.

Andy's Exhibit joins the current "Flamingo Capri, Revisted" Exhibit, on-loan from MoGH Chairman Mike Quinlivan, that has been a big hit at Spinettis Gaming Supplies, where many viewers ask if they can buy what is being shown. I imagine Spinettis' employees will have to answer this same question about Andy's display, as well, with a repetitive, "Sorry, but no."

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Along the Trail of the MoGH, Milestone Marker #6
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