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Bored collector getting ready to sell

I'm sorry to say that after some lengthy consideration, I've decided to sell off my collection and focus on my watch collection going forward. I've greatly enjoyed collecting casino chips and related items, but those moments where I may stumble upon an item or have a successful day of garage sale hunting are so rare these days, it's just not fun anymore.

I've always liked the hunt of collecting something. When I collected baseball cards as a kid, or vintage rock and roll posters before they became too expensive, it was always the hunt that kept me going...Going to a garage sale, or an estate sale or a flea market and finding something I wanted...but I haven't found anything this year out there in the wild so to speak except for a single Sands gaming guide and buying on eBay just doesn't do it for me.

Please keep your eyes out in the coming week or so as I'm going to post some chips for sale here before I hit eBay. I've got some great Sands jetons and chips and some other nice better chips that will be available. Have a look at my collection on the Chip Guide if you'd like. The Hard Rock chips are gone, and some of my stuff isn't on there, but what you see will all be for sale.

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Bored collector getting ready to sell
Re: Bored collector getting ready to sell
Thanks John!

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