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ID request for slot token

Bought at the Alameda Faire, or Malameda Baire if you wish, this token:

One side recites "$1 For Slot Play Only Not Legal Tender" and bears the GDC mark. So far, so good.

The other side shows three pyramids and a cobra or asp. By the theme, it looks like something the Luxor would have put out, but I always thought every Nevada slot token had to show the casino name and city. And it's not shown on the Chipguide for Luxor. So I am "asping" for your help. Anyone know more about this relic? A counterfeit? (If so, someone went through a lot of trouble making it.) Some sort of generic token?

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ID request for slot token
Here You Go..Buddy!
Thanx! By a funny coincidence, there is a LUXOR

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