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Re: Greetings + CCA newsletter
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Thank you for adding me to the newsletter list, I definitely want to receive it!

Another question if I may:

I know I am now a member of the CCA / CC>CC, but do I also need to become a member of the MOGH? What about the Casino Collectable News (magazine)? Do I need to subscribe to that publication as well? Is there any other organizations I need to become a member of? (Like the Southern Nevada Chip Collectors organization for example?) I live in Yuma AZ, so I know ther is not an Arizona club, but I do wish to join as many groups as is practical for my area...

Any advice would be most appreciated.

OK, on another note, there is a group of chips from the Las Vegas Hilton that was Star Trek themed from the days of the SpaceQuest Casino and the Star Trek Experience. CG06422, CG06423, CG06424, (etc). What would be the best way to find these chips? Should I be patient and wait until next years Convention (to which I will definitely be going to!) to try and find them or is there "another" way?

As always, thank you very much for your mentoring and patience with me for these newbie questions.

(Yes I am a big Star Trek fan from the years of the original series... (yes, call me a geek, trekker, etc...))

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Jones
Yuma, AZ

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Re: Greetings + CCA newsletter
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Welcome to the Chip Board Jeff,
Hi Jeff...Enjoy the ride rofl rofl
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Ed, did you get my email? Response?

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