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Greetings Chip Board:

I'm a collector, but new to the ccgtcc , Member# R-9023. I have been collecting over 40 years, but have just finished adding my collection into the Chip Guide. The collection is open for viewing and I would invite your inspection and comments if convenient.

A couple of questions: I have several chips salvaged from the El Rancho Vegas fire that I obtained at this years convention and was wondering if there is any way to notate my "damaged" chips in my collection?

I also have a couple of chips that I was unable to locate in TCG, so I was wondering what the procedure is to submit them for "research" to see if I have overlooked them somewhere.

I wish to express my appreciation to all the collectors and dealers out there for the information, interest and expressions of encouragement I received at the Convention and look forward to taking my collection and hobby to the next level in the future.

Thank you for your time.

Jeff Jones
Yuma, AZ

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Hi, Jeff. Welcome to the board
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Re: Greetings + CCA newsletter
Re: Greetings + CCA newsletter
Re: The LV Hilton Star Trek & SpaceQuest chips ...
Welcome to the Chip Board Jeff,
Hi Jeff...Enjoy the ride rofl rofl
Re: Hi Jeff...Enjoy the ride rofl rofl
Ed, did you get my email? Response?

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