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Weekend Finds at Kobey's / San Diego travels

All sorts of stuff turned up at Kobey's today (Sunday, 6/9) - one seller had a bag of Elks items with some drink chips and, upon looking further, a few Small Crowns from Lodge 1952 which decodes as Garden Grove. Bought one white, one red. Had I known they weren't reported on the ChipGuide I might have bought a few more of the white ones. Swap meet fate: Don't think I'll ever meet up with the same vendor and his chips again. That's the way the elk howls. One vendor, hearing I was into gambling items, offered me a coupon from Sycuan for $20 Free Play plus $10 Match Play to celebrate the opening of the new hotel. He asked $5 for it, which was to prove problematic later but I had my mind set on getting a Sycuan Match Play chip, so it was a deal.

Spotted another of those Caesar's metal pendants, but this one is a Tribute to Frank Sinatra, January 25, 1974. I'd never seen one and apparently the ChipGuide hasn't either. Don't know how many different Caesar's trinkets are out there. Next time I'll go to the Pompeii Swap Meet. I hear they have real fire-sale prices there.

On to the Lucky Lady Casino for a few more house $1 and $5 chips. Figured it was hopeless but I asked the cashier if I could buy a $5 drop chip. "I don't know, I'll have to ask the owner," she replied. And with that she grabbed a sign "CLOSED WILL BE BACK SOON," stuck it in the Cage window and walked off, leaving the Cage unattended. I was rather surprised at this turn of events. So were the Security Guards, the Floorman, and a couple of players who wandered up to cash in their chips. All wondered just what I could have said to precipitate this. Embarrassed I was, as Yoda would say. Cashier returned in a few minutes, shrugged, and said, "He said it's okay to sell one." I thought of asking for two but she was firm at ONE, which I was happy to get. And the rest of the cardroom were even happier when I walked out and they could aain use the Cage.

On to Viejas Casino where I played the High Roller Lightning Link slot game, mostly because it was the first empty seat I saw. It's the one that has Las Vegas symbols come up - Corvettes, Roulette wheel, flush card hands, dice, that sort of thing. A few spins in, I got six Black Chips which start the bonus round (3 spins to capture at least another black chip; get one or more, you have another 3 spins to capture another). Ended up with 11 Black Chips which when added up, came to a $120 jackpot. Cool, and goo'bye Viejas.

Off to Sycuan, for a free birthday-month buffet and to cash in those coupons. Yes, the Players Club lady honored them, and gave me a voucher. Turns out there are no Match Play Chips (which explains the lack of one in my collection), you just present the coupon to the table dealer. Dejection! Got a new-design Club Card (now reading Sycuan Casino Resort). Spirits began rising. Ate enough oysters to send the Wellfleet armada out to sea for more. After feasting, decided to play one of the slots near the chow line as they seemed to be loose. Only seat available was at Chili Chili Fire, but I like that game, so . . . I start spinning at high bet ($3) and . . . a few games in, the "Olé" fade-away feature kicks in, replacing the lower-value icons with . . . 3 Señoritas, 9 Señores, and a final column of slop - enough for a $282 jackpot.

OK, now I'm ready to tackle this Match Play Blackjack deal. Check out the tables - minimum bets are $25 and $15. That won't work. Finally see a lonely dealer at a $10 table and buy in for $20 in chips. Pit Boss (equally bored with no other activity on his side of the room) explains to the Dealer how the Match Play voucher works. I bet $10 plus the voucher - lose! I'm left with $10. "I might as well play 'em on one more hand," I tell the dealer. "Oh, sure," she replies, "let's see what happens." She deals me 12. "Hit me." Get a 6. "Whoa," I say, "think I'll stop at this." The Pit Boss nods approval. Dealer draws a couple of crummy cards, ends up with 17. She tosses me $10 in chips, I pick up my stack (totalling the $20 I began with) and say, "Thanks, I'm leaving." The dealer and Pit Boss erupt in laughter, "You did well after all!" You won't hear this kind of banter in Las Vegas!

Stopped off at Harrah's Funner to get a few $2.50 chips in case they're voted Chip of the Year.

Then, on a whim, I decided to try the reopened La Jolla Casino. Arrived to find . . . one Indian polishing the door handle, one security guard, one slot player inside the 70-machine room, and a lady at the Cage. The guard told me I had only a half hour to play, as they close at 10 PM. Got a new Player's Card and a $5 TITO for free play. Keep the TITO or try for a jackpot? Put it into a Wolf Surprise Machine with $35 cash, immediately hit Three Howling Wolves (that's good) giving me 8 Free Spins. More wolves and critters appear. Walk out with $58 before the Guard and the Indian close and lock the shiny-clean door.

And that was my exciting Sunday. Phew! I'm ready to go back to some calmer activity - like office work.

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