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AZ NM trip: Buffalo Thunder, Cities of Gold, Bonus

Buffalo Thunder Casino
Getting a bit worn looking, No bad, not like some of the joints that I've seen like down in Laughlin.
More of the same, $10 free slot play. Used on a Vid Poker machine which is like taking candy from a baby, as I cashed out for $10 once again. $5 BJ table, won a couple, lost a couple of hands Checked out with $9.50 cash and $33.50 in chips for my $50 buy in. Decided to take a break and drive to Los Alamos and go through the museum there.

Los Alamos
The Bradbury Museum is free and quite interesting. I wish I'd had more time to explore there. The road up there is a real treat for those, who like me, don't enjoy mountain driving, I had a lot of cars pass me whenever they could. I pulled into this one pull out and took a lot of really beautiful pictures, only one of which is posted below. It was worth the diversion from all of the casino excursions.

Fat Man and Little Boy

Bonus: Jakes Casino. Can't tell if it's open or not. Listed on the back of the Pojoaque Gaming TITOs

Cities of Gold

Another Slot Casino. I've got next to no memory of my visit there. The road back from Los Alamos just about drops you off in their parking lot. No other real reason to go there with Buffalo Thunder just down the road a bit.

$#|+ and Shineola, New Mexico

My motel for the night [A national chain you'd recognize] was in Espanola, on the path to the next casinos. I had the option of doing those today or in the morning tomorrow. I opted to check in and hit them today as there was plenty of daylight left. Going up the street I realized that I was not in the nice (nice being a relative term) section of town.
Leaving from the Motel, two blocks of boarded up buildings and the types of people often living in said buildings. Upon my return, there were 2 cop cars blocking the Motel driveway... They were leaving just as I'd turned around in the next driveway. Seems one of the Guests at the motel was unhappy with the management and kicked out the glass in the office door. Oh Joy! Such neighbors I'd have for the night grin [The managers were just as nice as they could be. Folks need to sell this place and run a motel in a nice town.]
The only Handicap Parking spaces were at the front of the Motel, right off the street. I was convinced if I left my truck there overnight, by morning it would have looked like it had been parked in Pick-a-Part for a month. So, I squeezed my F-150 into a space made for a Smart Car in front of my room. The motel room was nice, it's just I'd never stay in this creepy town again.

Room Key Cool looking New Mexico Chili

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AZ NM trip: Buffalo Thunder, Cities of Gold, Bonus
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