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Help Identifying Poker Chip Boxes

I recently came into possession of a couple thousand old generic chips -- inlaid, engraved, embossed, etc. A couple hundred of the inlaid ones actually have the nicest feel of any chip I've ever held. Regardless, not sure why I ended up with them, other than I was buying a bunch TX, AR, and MS illegals and found myself pot committed. So I ended up with a very large bucket of generics in my car.
Many of the chips were in a bunch of random old boxes. A few of those boxes are from Mason's. I would like to see if any of the chips match the boxes, but I have not yet been able to find anything on the Internet regarding Mason's old catalog of chips. Two of the chip lines marked on the boxes are Inlaid Round Edge "Mayfair" and Inlaid Square Edge "High Hat." Pics are attached below. Can one of you generic-chip experts point me in the right direction to help me match chip to box.

I'll be looking to get rid of these chips very soon, as soon as I put in a little more effort identifying what they are.

Thanks all.
- John A.

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Help Identifying Poker Chip Boxes
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Re: Help Identifying Poker Chip Boxes
Thank you, Roy.

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