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Hollywood movie lobby cards for convention

These are about half of the movie lobby cards I am contributing to an exhibit at the convention. The lobby cards are from Hollywood movies with Las Vegas themes. (I collect movie lobby cards with gambling/playing card images. I own about 800 of them.)
"FEATURING SOUTH AMERICAN BEAUTY ELVIRA PAGAN AND THE STATUESQUE HILLARY DAWN AND A GALAXY OF GORGEOUS GIRLS!" Here is an original, studio-issued MOVIE PRESSBOOK to the film VEGAS NIGHTS. ….Vegas Nights, the 1948 J.D. Kendis Las Vegas Nevada burlesque documentary starring Elvira Paga, Hilary Dawn, and Blaze Blondell (U.S.)

Speaks for itself.

Cruise (selfish sharpie) and Hoffman (autistic, expert blackjack player) as brothers
who travel to Las Vegas…. Celebrated movie.

Sinatra biographic movie about Joe E. Lewis, famous caustic Las Vegas comedian….

poorly received heist movie.

“gem of a movie” about three retirees from Queens NY who rob a bank and go to Las Vegas to gamble.

Romance of chorus girl (Eliz Taylor) and gambler (Warren Beatty) takes place in
Las Vegas. George Stevens director (final film).

James Cann and Lauren Hutton. College professor is compulsive gambler, in debt, borrows from family, wins and loses in Las Vegas. Succumbs to pushing his student athletes into illegal sports betting fixes.

Musical comedy. Travel to Las Vegas for separation, etc.

Bette Midler, Ken Wahl, Rip Torn.. …... Harold, a professional gambler, has a jinx on Wille, a young blackjack dealer.
Willie get fired for losing so much to Harold, so goes from blackjack job to job, but
Harold follows him to gamble and win. Murder and collecting on life insurance ensues.

Jacqueline Bisset. "V.I.P.Party Girl” in Las Vegas.

John Lund, John Archer. Detective movie. "Gloria Hall, an irresponsible heiress, is in Reno for her second divorce, and falls for Tony Lamarr, a fortune-hunting gambler and casino owner. J. B. Del Monte,her father in New York City, sends his public-relations man, Bill Carter, to buy off the gambler if Carter is not successful in convincing Glaoria that Lamarr is interested only in her money."


Other gambling lobby cards (not all mine) are here:

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Hollywood movie lobby cards for convention
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