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Chip Info?

These chips are listed as being from San Francisco. That could be totally true. The name Inez kept ringing a bell...the only Inez I have listed is Inez H. Olson. Inez ran the Bonanza Club in San Jose (mid 60’s to mid 70’s)
But...looking at the chip pictured....I started thinking....It is probably a home game set with a couple Al and Inez with their last name starting w/ a “ C” ? Just a theory as the chips never appear to have wear.
If anyone has any info or thoughts...please share. I have no evidence of anything... just a guess.

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Chip Info?
Re: Chip Info?
Thanks Paul...
Could The "C" Be a Middle Initial??? Al C. Inez???
Steve...most definitely
Keep Up The Good Work!!!!
Re: Steve...most definitely
Great info !!
Re: Chip Info?
ACI: I concur with John J. about C being a surname
Re: Chip Info?
Re: Chip Info?

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