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$500 Buffalo Nickel Notched Chip - Thanks Mark

I want to say thanks to Mark on selling his Notched Buffalo Nickel $500 Chip - It will make a nice chip to my collection.

I am still in need for a Mint UNC $500 Buffalo Nickel Chip - Please if anyone has one for sale and are looking to sale one - Please let me know

Also still looking for the $100 Wasted Space HR Chip and other Sample / Prototype / and the 2nd Year Roulette Chips (2nd year) and 1st Year Roulette Chips (table 2 complete set)

Thank to all and I will get my membership renew tonight and want to say thanks again to all that have helped me on this journey.

Thanks again to Mark on letting his chip go to a nice home.

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$500 Buffalo Nickel Notched Chip - Thanks Mark

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