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Weekend Finds at the Rosie Bowl

Although I'm not fond of the crowds in Pasadena (nor the $9 admission fee), I figured that since it was Palm Sunday, everyone else would be in Church. Wrong! Got there at 9:30 and the parking lots were already 80% filled. Found a spot on the street but it was a chore hiking in to the Bowl, and I was happy I wasn't in the market for, say, an antique refrigerator or giant clay pot.

Saw a lot of casino-related items but I was being a bit selective - not needing to buy duplicates. Left happy but on the ride home, I realized . . . I hadn't bought a single chip! Not the type we see and use in the U.S., anyway. Some stuff that's not yet in the ChipGuide: Shark Reef (Mandalay Bay) key fob, reminiscent of their pool where you can feed the sharks. Just jump in. That scary Mummy from the Luxor? Now we know his name: Fernando. (Strange name for an Egyptian Pharaoh.) Caesars Palace medallion - yeah, I know, you've seen 'em before . . . but THIS one does NOT recite the year 1991 in Roman Numerals. Et tu, BruteƩ?

The Sahara key fob or whatever - caught my eye, as the image of hte hotel seems very, very old - only one story high?

More Cowboy in Monaco stuff. . . And - let's say you're gambling at the Pala Casino and the whole place suddenly catches on fire. Who ya gonna call? (Not Ghostbusters, fer sure, dude.)

I left the scene with a Silver Queen!

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Weekend Finds at the Rosie Bowl
Nice Eric or Fernando ?
About the Luxor key fob
The Mummy knows! Heh heh heh heh bwa ha ha!
Pala Fire Department
No, brass on one side, enameled on the other -
Chippers with chips for sale should ....
Sharp Post!
Depends upon whether the seller knows the value
Re: Depends upon whether the seller knows the valu
Pretty cool stuff...

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