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Question about the Double Broken Circle chip mold

Does anyone know if the "Double Broken Circle" edge mold was used on any casino, personal, or sample chips other than for casino chips for the Americana Casino in Aruba? The image (below) of the $25 chip is from the Chip Guide, and Americana also had chips on the mold for other denominations.

The chip guide lists these chips as having a "DBBRCR" mold, but on the search engine for the site, that is not listed as one of the molds that can be searched for on the website.

Robert Einsenstadt on his website describes it as chip mold physically made by Gamex (Las Vegas, NV) in the mid 1970s and owned by H. C. Edwards and Co. (who also owned the H-Mold). They were only made for a "short period of time because the design/quality was unsuccessful". Mr. Eisenstadt lists it here, if you scroll down half-way to MD-99,

I've been trying to complete a collection of chips with different mold designs, and I am wondering what other casinos used this chip. So far I have not been able to find even one other casino that used this mold. I would particularly be interested in knowing if Gamex or H.C. Edwards produced sample chips with the design.

Thank you Chippers, grin

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Question about the Double Broken Circle chip mold
Re: Question about the Double Broken Circle chip m
Great question
Other uses of this mold found.
Interesting. Thanks for the research
Any Samples for sale or trade?

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