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CCA Membership Campaign

We are just about half way through our 2019 CCA Membership Campaign. Our goal for new memberships during Feb-Mar-Apr is 25. To date we have acquired 9 new members. Thanks to Ron Gaudette, Joe Ehler, Roy Nelson, Jerry Vergatos and John Zoesch for their recruitment efforts! By this time we had hoped to have 12+ new members so, as you can see, we have a way to go to meet our goal.

You can find the details of our 2019 Campaign in your Winter and Spring issues of our club magazine, ‘Casino Collectible News’. Remember that the following all count toward our goal:
--Anyone who will be new to our club
--Family members who can join as Associates
--Former members who would like to rejoin

If you need a membership application or two, or if you have any questions please contact me at
Roy Nelson
CCA Membership Officer

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