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SNCCC monthly meeting report for 03/12/2019!

Brought to you by your ex-president and currently SNCCC Publicity Director, Sheldon Smith!

If you didn't make the meeting last night you missed one of the best we have had in a while! Guests are always welcome and members are always welcome too! Membership is only $12.00 a year. Jenny & Keith Bearden flew up from Texas to be at the meeting and of course the SNCCC bus tour on Saturday. Attendance was brisk at a count of over 45! We are now at 179 members, an all time high!

Mr. David Schwartz was our speaker. David has been in the casino industry for the last 18 years! He is the analytics manager from MGM Resorts International! Thank you David! And NO he is not the David Schwartz from UNLV! David spoke about the odds of winning at many different games and the difference between: DROP/HOLD/WIN at a casino! A great, informative and entertaining presentation!

The next meeting is Tuesday, April 9th at the Gold Coast! Our meetings are almost always at the Gold Coast, Thank you Gold Coast for hosting our meetings!, and almost always on the Second Tuesday of the month with the exception of June of this year when we will meet at the South Point Casino on Wednesday, June 19th at 5PM!! No Tuesday meeting in June!

The auction was great with spirited bidding on a wide range of mostly casino chips! The raffle was at $115 for first place and there were many 2nd-3rd etc. winners as well!

President Vergatos ran the meeting in his usual competent manner and a great time was had by all! Secretary Follis expounded on the Hard Rock Casino's eventual closing and chip redemption, NOT YET! Vice-President Mr. Lonski and Treasurer Mrs. Lonski did a fine job too! So too did membership officer Mr. Ogden! If you live in Las Vegas or are coming to town and are even remotely interested in casino memorabilia and/or a good time you should drop by!

Copyright 2017 David Spragg