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My PayPal problem

For years I've had the same payPal email address, and no problems.

All of a sudden (for the last several weeks), when I go to pay for an ebay item Iv'e "won," I select PAYPAL (as usual) to pay for it. But now when I select my PayPal acct., I get this message (and have to choose my credit card to pay for it):

Meanwhile, it's funny that (thank God) I still have no trouble with these:
¶ buyers who win my eBay listings pay my PayPal account.
¶ people can use my PayPal email address to pay me for things.
¶ I can have payPal email out invoices for buyers to pay by (to my PayPal acct).
¶ when I generate a Paypal shipping label, my PayPal acct is automatically charged.


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