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Mike's Atomic Club, Winnemucca

I think the photographer was shooting the Budweiser Clydesdales but it was nice they were in front of
the Atomic Club since there are few photos of it. "Mike" was my friend Mike Lizanetz who later ran the
games at the Ferris Hotel and the poker at the Boondocks. The only other shot I've seen is the sign
just visible over the man's hat in the postcard view. The other clubs are interesting too. One of the PCs
shows the Arrow Club where Candy's is. The other PCs show the Index and Ideal clubs flanking the
theater. The color cards show the Texan (Texas?) and Kirkby's Bingo, a couple of short lived clubs. The
cars in the photos show some of dates in Fuller's Index to be incorrect. The Atomic photo is from the
Humboldt Museum's Couch collection. Glenn Couch had a camera shop in Winnemucca and I use to see
him when I was in town. Guys like Mike and Glenn made chip collecting even more fun with their stories.

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Mike's Atomic Club, Winnemucca
Re: Fantastic Photos! grin
Very cool photo history !!!
Sure do enjoy your posts !!!
Well done Phil!
Re: Mike's Atomic Club, Winnemucca
Re: Mike's Atomic Club, Winnemucca
Re: Mike's Atomic Club, Winnemucca
very cool timeline...
Thanks nice series

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